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Baptism is a special celebration for families as parents begin to share their Catholic faith with their children.

The Sacrament of Baptism is a time to gather to give thanks to God for the gift of their child; it is a time to celebrate as their child is welcomed as a follower of Jesus.

In preparation for baptism, please gather the following:

  • Registration form completed online
  • Your child’s long form birth certificate
  • Baptismal certificate from one of the Catholic parents
  • If applicable, custody papers for the child
  • Names and religions of Godparents (please see the Role of Godparent Info sheet here)

Please submit a copy of the two certificates to

We look forward to celebrating your family’s baptism.

For any other questions about baptism at St. Pius X Parish or to learn more, please contact us:

416-767-1859   or


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